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There is no part of your garage door system that sees more use than your garage door rollers. In essence, a roller is a functional little wheel that runs up and down the garage door tracks. These wheels are attached to a sleeve that slides into a bracket located on the garage door itself. This allows your garage door to open smoothly.

These wheels are attached to a sleeve that slides into a bracket located on the garage door itself. This allows your garage door to open smoothly.

Garage Door Roller Issues

There are countless things that can go wrong with a garage door roller. However, it isn’t too hard to identify when there is a problem.

If you don’t give your garage door system regular maintenance checks, then you’re going to notice the condition of the parts begin to deteriorate. In the case of garage door rollers, the lack of lubrication, as well as bent rollers or bent tracks are going to cause your garage door to jerk and jolt in a way that makes a lot of noise and further damage the components of the garage door.

Every now and again, apply some WD-40 and check that everything is aligned properly to prevent this. No matter how well you look after the mechanism, there is going to come a time when the garage door rollers need to be replaced, especially if you have plastic or even steel rollers.

The most obvious indicator that you need to call us in is if your door shakes when opening or closing. This is either caused by a build-up of rust within the rollers system, creating extra friction between the rollers and the tracks, or bent tracks and/or bent rollers.

We’re capable of taking care of all these problems for you in a quick and cost-efficient manner. You should call us as soon as you notice something wrong with your rollers and avoid wasting time. Even though it might seem like nothing more than a nuisance, having rollers that aren’t functioning properly can lead to a whole host of other issues within the system.

You risk your entire door going off track, as well as wearing out the gears, sprockets, and belt on the door. These repairs are going to cost you more than a simple roller replacement is going to. We can replace your garage door rollers before any other issues arise, as well as giving your entire system a looking over to make sure there are no other hidden issues present.

broken garage door rollers

Types of Garage Door Rollers

Plastic Rollers

plastic garage door rollers

This is the most budget-friendly option when it comes to your garage door rollers, and we highly advise against using them.

Plastic rollers are made from weak materials that have a tendency to break far more often than other roller types.

Even if you’re operating on a budget, steer clear of plastic rollers. It’s a false economy scenario to assume that you’re saving money with these. The damage that plastic rollers do to your system is going to end up costing you much more in repairs in the long run.

Steel Rollers

steel garage door rollers

Steel garage door rollers are the next step up from plastic, but still not your best choice.

It is made up of both a steel wheel and shaft, meaning you need to keep it lubricated regularly. Given the material, though, steel rollers are far less likely to break under circumstances that plastic would.

It can be hard to identify when there is an issue with steel rollers. These rollers create more noise and vibrations in your door naturally, so you really need to keep on top of a maintenance schedule if you want to be using these.

Nylon Rollers

nylon garage door rollers

Nylon garage door rollers are the best way to go, functioning better than both the steel and plastic counterparts. It’s also the most expensive roller type, though, so keep that in mind.

These rollers are more stable and absorb vibrations, making the opening of your garage door much smoother and far quieter. The only downside to these rollers is the price. These types of rollers need to be repaired the least, so you might actually end up saving money over time if you install these.

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