Champions Garage Door
Off-Track Services,
Fishers, IN

If your garage door is off track, Champions Garage Door Repair Indiana is here to help. We are a professional team working locally in the area. We have years of experience in dealing with these issues. However, your garage door came off track; we find the cause of your concerns. Our company provides you a solution with our dependable knowledge and expertise. Usually, an off-track garage door is a result of misalignment through a number of means which we’ll elaborate down below.  

Off-Track Garage Door Issues

Broken garage door

Car Collision

One of the most common reasons for off-track garage doors is because homeowners hit them with their vehicles. Sometimes they might back up their vehicle into the garage door, which causes the door system to become off track. It can result in a garage door wheel falling off. What happens is the garage door now hangs only by the lift cables. The entire door can fall off at any time in this uncertain position.

Bent Tracks

Bolts hold the horizontal tracks; if they become loose, you risk losing the rollers due to the door’s frequent vibrations. No matter how slight, any impact made to the door can cause it to fall right off. 

Bent garage door tracks
Broken garage door spring

Broken Springs

One broken springtorsion or extension, means one spring is working and the other is not. In essence, only one side of the garage door will be lifted by the springs, causing the garage door to fall off its tracks.    

Damaged/Broken Lift Cables

A broken lift cable may also be a cause for a garage door off track. On each side of the garage door are lift cables, which bring the door up. If the door is misaligned, one side of the cable could break. It results in a weight shift where only one side of the door lifts open. Eventually, the cable on the other side breaks due to an uneven distribution of power.

If your garage door fell off track due to a broken cable lift, we can replace the cable. Our specialist team makes sure to redistribute the garage door’s weight evenly before we add a stronger new cable. If the new cable does not match the old, we can replace the other cables for equal weight.

Rusted garage door cables

Our company can reposition your garage door so we can re-screw the bolts back in place. We readjust the tracks and tighten the screws to ensure the door maintains a fixed position. Our main priority is to reposition the door and refasten the screws without doing any damage to the rest of the door.

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