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Your garage door cables are some of the most important components in your garage setup. Each cable has a different job, from managing the load of the door to making sure a spring doesn’t fly off and hit you in the face.

For that reason, there are plenty of things that can end up going wrong with your garage door cables. For example, the garage door cable might have wound around the drum incorrectly, become unwound, ended up frying as a result of general wear and tear, and more. 

No matter the issue, you need to make sure you get it sorted as soon as you possibly can. 

Garage Door Cable Issues

rusted garage door cables

Rusted Cables

A build-up of rust can also be a contributing factor as to why your garage door cables stop working. This is why it’s so important that you maintain your cables properly over the years.

jammed garage door cable

Unwound/Jammed Cables

Garage door cables becoming unwound is more common than you think. This is a full replacement job, as it’s impossible to wind them back up again.

garage door cable repair

Old/Frayed Cables

When an old cable breaks, it renders your garage door completely inoperable, so make sure you call us out straight away if you think this is the problem.

Types of Garage Door Cables

There are two different cables installed in your garage door and two different cable types to choose from. First up, you have to pick between torsion spring cables and extension spring cables. 

Lift Cables

These cables are attached to garage door torsion springs. You can identify issues with this kind of cable fairly easily. If you notice lots of fraying or weak parts of the cable, then it’s time for a replacement. Otherwise, the cable is going to snap. 

Lifting cables can also become unwound and fall off the spool. It all depends on the circumstance. Either way, make sure you’re keeping a constant eye on it. Perform a bit of maintenance as you go, and you could add years to the life of your garage door. 

Retaining Cables

Retaining cables are also known as safety cables, so it should be obvious why this one is important. There is a lot of pressure built up in the springs of your garage door. If one of those springs becomes loose, it’s going to shoot that spring out like a bullet.

Retaining cables attach to the springs and prevent them from doing just that. Without them, what would otherwise be a simple fix could turn into a deadly accident. You would be rolling a dice every time you opened the garage door.

Identifying and issues with this cable are the same as the others. Check for signs of wear and tear, fraying, and make sure it operates correctly when the door opens or closes.

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